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St. Petersburg, Russia

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Danita Pushkareva 


Fields of Interest

Contemporary Painting


Asemic writing

Public Art

Comics, Manga, Comix & Graphic novels

Philosophy of contemporary art

Science Art


1992-97 Kuban State University (Faculty of Graphic Art)
2006 Institute managerial economics in social environment (Major Psychology)
2009-2011 Professor at Kuban State University
2009-2015 Educational program «FotoDepartament.Institut»
2013 Member of International Federation of artists & Nastional artist’s Union of Russia 
2015-2019 Saint Petersburg State University (Faculty of Liberal Arts and sciences. Bard College Master's Program «Сuratorial studies») Thesis master's degree «The Mediation of Meaning: Art on the Border of Visual and Textual» 

2017 Member of the art group «Parazit» (St. Petersburg, Russia)


2019 Group Exhibitions of «Parazit» «Lie quietly - unconquered North», State Museum of Urban Sculpture,

St. Petersburg, Russia 

2019 Group Exhibitions of «Parazit» «Anniversary. Intercom», Borey Art Center, St. Petersburg, Russia 

2019 Group Exhibitions «Phantom of Gender, or impostor», St. Petersburg, Russia 

2018 7th Independent Contemporary Art Fair, Sevkabel, St. Petersburg, Russia

2018 Group Exhibitions of «Parazit», «Pink Exhibition», Rosa's house of culture, St. Petersburg, Russia

2018 SAMFAIR, Street art museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

2018 Group Exhibitions of the art group «Parazit» «Olympus», Borey Art Center, St. Petersburg, Russia

2018 Group Exhibitions of the art group «Parazit» «No Pastoral», Library of book graphics, St. Petersburg

2018 Group Exhibitions «Private Life of Radio Frequencies», Museum of Communications of Popova,

St. Petersburg, Russia

2018 Opening of the exhibition «Future Unhuman», Media performance by Danita Pushkareva and Dmitry Shubin «NADJA Hybrid» by André Breton's text «NADIA», QuartaRiata, Peterhof, Russia

2018 Group Exhibitions «Love I Create», DK Gromov, St. Petersburg, Russia

2017 Urban research exhibition «Waterfront», St. Petersburg, Russia

2017 Participation in International Conference «Performance: New Forms of Presence», Performance «Hybrid letter» with sound text JACQUES DERRIDA «MARGES DE LA PHILOSOPHIE / Tympan*», Russian Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia

2017 «Do not switch!», Museum of Communications of Popova, St. Petersburg, Russia
2016 V Baltic Biennale of Contemporary Art / exhibition «Baltic Interconnections», St. Petersburg, Russia

2016 International IV Yakutsk Biennial of Contemporary Art - 1 prize in the category «Digital Art», Yakutsk

2016 International Festival 101 «Mediapoetry: formatting memory», St. Petersburg, Russia
2015 Group Exhibitions «Matriarch ART», Artists Union of Russia, Sochi, Russia
2015 International Festival «101 Poetics digital technology», St. Petersburg, Russia
2015 Group Exhibition «HELLO WORLD!», Gallery IMHO, Saratov, Russia
2014 Group Exhibition «Other Capital», Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia
2014 Exhibition «Inventing Everyday life», Manifesta10, Russia
2013 «Contemporary Istanbul», Istanbul, Turkey
2013 Group Exhibition «Bread» Rizzordi Art Foundation, St. Petersburg, Russia
2012 III Baltic Biennale of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg, Russia
2012 IV International Festival of Photography «PhotoVisa», Krasnodar, Russia
2013 International Festival of Contemporary Art «Maybe», Krasnodar, Russia

2012 Solo Exhibition «Man with the face of a landscape», Krasnodar, Russia
2012 Group Exhibition «SURREALISMO IBERO-RUSO», Madrid, Spain 

2010 Solo Exhibition «Karamazov Sisters», Krasnodar, Russia
2009 «The Photo Biennale of the Russian Museum», St. Petersburg, Russia
2009 International Image festival «Festimage», Chavez, Portugal

Curatorial Projects

2019 Group Exhibitions «Phantom of Gender or impostor», St. Petersburg, Russia 

2018 Group Exhibitions of the art group «Parazit» «No Pastoral», Library of book graphics, 

St. Petersburg, Russia

2018 Solo exhibition of Babi Badalov «Je suis Mazimir Kalevich», Novy Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

2016 V Baltic Biennale of Contemporary Art / The main project of the Baltic Biennale «Baltic Interconnections», St. Petersburg, Russia

2016 International Festival 101 «Mediapoetry: formatting memory» St. Petersburg, Russia

2016 Group Exhibition «Mediapoetry: formatting memory» - short list nomination «The best curatorial project» of the prize of Sergey Kuryokhin, St. Petersburg, Russia


2019 «Anniversary. Intercom», The project was implemented with the assistance of the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg, ISBN 978-5-7187-0955-1


2018 «Performance and Brain-Computer-Interface / Performance: Nouvelles formes de présence dans la», Publisher: St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named I.E. Repin, St. Petersburg, Russia, ISBN (Print) 978-5-903677-64-1


2009 «I Photobiennale of the Russian Museum», State Russian Museum. Almanac №259, 
Publishers: State Russian Museum, Palace Editions, St. Petersburg, Russia, ISBN 976-5-93332-349-5


2009 «Инновационные методики обучения изобразительному искусству», Сборник научных трудов, Издательство Кубанский Государственный Университет,  ISBN 5-8209-0462-1