The photos show in this Phenomenology project man running from technogenic city, returning to the poetry of the natural world. For a moment his face dissolves, and the purity of nature, he becomes a foreign body. «When I look at the landscape, I draw his eyes, fluids, smells. I reflected in his pupils, as in a mirror. I see a madman; he is like a branch, like a hill, as the evaporation of water vapor, just as deep breathing space that becomes a living person. Landscape talking to me through the impersonal man. I absorb vibrating air landscape, I like to see how his veins pulsate".

The artist combines different types of mapping the world, examining the traces of the border demarcation an imaginary landscape. Chorography method produces of the Earth images stylistics, fringed illusory boundaries or natural formations. The picturesque landscape is a representation of the landscape areas, snatched vision: the viewer's eye moving over the surface of ecumene and clinging to the illusion of the isometric, the geological sections, trying to cover the totality of the various theories about the Earth.

They are sitting by the garage; Dad is cleaning the piano keyboard, Mom has just hung clothes out to dry and is sitting on a chair, lost in thought ... a usual evening for three. There were many evenings like this one: playing cards at a round table, drinking home-made grape juice while Dad would sometimes play Scott Joplin’s ragtime pieces. I put on an old record he gave me and continue with my embroidery: the face slowly appears, stitch by stitch. These portraits cannot be completed because memories come back, so I change the story a little bit each time. 



7  /  07  /  2016

International IV Yakutsk Biennial of Contemporary Art
1 prize in the category "Digital Art"


15 /  07  /  2016

Silver Medal
for the contribution to domestic culture


19  /  09  /  2016

The curator of the V International Baltic Art Biennial of Contemporary Art
(The main project of the Baltic Biennale)
State Museum of Diaghilev